6 secrets to getting a real estate listing every day

ALAMEDA, Calif. – March 29, 2018 – There are six things real estate agents should do to get a listing every day. First, they should brand themselves, with a focus on finding a niche market so they can cater everything they do to a specific audience. The idea is to be master of one, rather than trying to be master of all.

Second, they should engage in sphere prospecting, which involves touching base with people they know as often as possible to stay top of mind.

Third, agents should create a culture of productivity, focusing on a gradual improvement in productivity across all aspects of their business.

Fourth, they should engage in time blocking, which helps them maximize the use of their time by prioritizing things that need to get done each day. Specifically, they should block time every day to call leads and manage appointments.

Fifth, agents should spend time generating leads, with the goal of capitalizing on any and every possible lead they can imagine and grabbing those that come their way unexpectedly.

Finally, they must foster an online presence, with a focus on social media and ensuring their online presence presents them exactly as they want to be seen to the world.

Source: Inman News (01/16/18) Nayar, Rick

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